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IELTS Information & Links

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The British Council ... W2g/videos

IDP: IELTS Australia​

University of Cambridge​

IELTS consortium

​​​Advice about the structure of the IELTS exam

“Test format”

“Test format” ... st-format/

“Understand the IELTS test format: Overview of the IELTS test”

Advice about IELTS’s scoring system

“IELTS scoring in detail” ... -in-detail

Writing Task 1: Band descriptors (public version) ... ask-1.ashx

Writing task 2: Band descriptors (public version) ... ask-2.ashx

Speaking: Band descriptors (public version) ... ptors.ashx

General advice

“Test day tips”

“Advice on preparing for IELTS”

Technical advice

IDP Australia
“Five top tips to improve your IELTS Listening score”

Cambridge University
“Frequently Asked Questions” (Technical advice) ... c-faqs.pdf

British Council
“Reading test advice” ... est-advice

“Listening test advice” ... est-advice

“Writing test advice” ... est-advice

“Speaking test advice” ... est-advice

Exam questions

“Sample test questions” ... -questions

IDP Australia
“Free IELTS Practice Tests” ... ice-tests/

“Listening practice tests” ... cticetests

“IELTS speaking” ... cticetests

“Listening practice tests” ... cticetests

“IELTS Academic Reading Practice Tests”
IELTS identify seven types of academic reading tasks:

Identifying information
Identifying writer's views
Matching features
Matching headings
Multiple choice questions
Table completion
Diagram label completion

One example of each is found at this web-link: ... cticetests

British Council
“Free IELTS practice Tests” ... tice-tests

“Free IELTS practice activities and resources” ... -resources

“Listening practice test 1” ... ice-test-1

Cambridge University
“Free paper-based sample tests” ... eparation/

Examples of exam answers provided by test-takers

Multiple examples of speaking tests and graded answers appear at:

IELTS Speaking test sample - Part 3 (Li, Band 6)

IELTS Writing Test Task 1 (Band 9)

IELTS Writing Test Task 2 (Band 5)

“Sample candidate writing scripts and examiner comments” ... ripts.ashx ... ments.ashx

Other resources

“Free IELTS online course” ... ine-course

“IELTS 1001 Ways” Cell-phone application (‘app’) ... 1-ways-app
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