A book for IELTS recommended

Have you read a good IELTS related book recently? Tell everyone about it here.
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Re: A book for IELTS recommended

Postby raymond » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:22 am

i have not read this book yet ,but from your description i realized that the book will be so helpful .thanks dude for the topic "A book for IELTS recommended" and i am looking for this kind of book . if i read this ,are you sure i am able to do so and from where will i get the book? tell me please 8-) . actually i love to read English book related to IELTS and i also get pleasure to read it .
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Re: A book for IELTS recommended

Postby pranay943 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:00 pm

suggest me a book on how to improve speaking skill

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Re: A book for IELTS recommended

Postby myieltstest » Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:20 pm


has anybody here ever used this book?
what do you think about it?

IELTS Practice Tests by Peter May

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Re: A book for IELTS recommended

Postby hannaliu » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:49 am

Dear all , I am in China now . I heard the THOMSON -IELTS pratice tests exam essentials which is quite useful . But how to get that ? It seems some website can open in china ,,, hope some give me tips .

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