Can Any one of you Please check my writing T2. Thank you so much

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Can Any one of you Please check my writing T2. Thank you so much

Postby Enne09 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:40 am

Question: Prevention is better than cure. Do you agree or disagree that out of the country's health budget, a large portion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health and education and preventive measures?

To some, it is better to deter illness than to find a cure and there is an increasing discussion that out of a nation's health fund, a substantial portion should be taken from treatment to implement disease prevention schemes. To my mind, I wholeheartedly agree to such claim as health promotion is undoubtedly a lucrative investment to every country that can result in long term economic gains.

Over the years, repeated cases of a wide array of morbidities have caused international health struggle and as a step to mitigate such dilemma, governments needed to take a severe chunk out of the national budget. In today's society, it is integral to properly utilize tax money in solving health related issues to nurture political benefits. For example, the Department of Health in the Philippines has launched free medical missions to communities to promote hand washing, dental care and proper nutrition. These programs can be emulated by other nations, which can promote the wellbeing of its citizens, thus, limiting the incidence of sickness that can hamper state productivity.

Baleful lifestyle owing to unhealthy food preferences, which may lead to cardiac related ailments, has also indirectly contributed to the dreadfully rising global mortality rates. At present, millions of dollars from the government is spent in treating these highly preventable diseases and the best way forward is to combat this concern from its source. For instance, local politicians from various southeast asian countries are urging every household to participate in health education measures like joining sports festivities or attending seminars about correct food choices. This method will not only boost a person's body immunity to fight off diseases but will also prolong one's life.

To conclude, it is essential to apportion greater budget to health awareness as this will foster innumerable advantages to the public. In addition, strong and healthy individuals will cultivate gross domestic income growth.
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