Can Any one of you Please evaluate my writing task 2. Thank you so much

Post your Task 1 or 2 response and/or read the responses of other students and provide feedback.
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Can Any one of you Please evaluate my writing task 2. Thank you so much

Postby Enne09 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:42 pm

[url][/url]Question: Working by day is favorable to many. However, some choose to work by night because of the night differential pay. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Many establishments busily serve customers 24 hours a day that employees are subjected to work multiple time periods. Some argue that working by day is advantageous while others prefer to sacrifice a restful sleep by working wee hours as the salary is higher due to the night differential pay. However, it is vital to know that both schedules foster innumerable benefits.

Doing jobs in the morning, on one hand, allows the employees to formulate plans after work for professional or personal growth. In today's society, it is essential to meticulously balance occupation with out-of-work activities for career advancement or interpersonal development. For instance, nurses work random time frames during the week and some of them find it excruciatingly difficult to spend time with their families or significant others. Daytime employment enables the hardworking individuals to make anticipating arrangements once they get off work like attend riveting medical trainings or prepare a sumptuous dinner for their spouses or kids. In turn, these situations will nurture that elusive job satisfaction.

Working at night, on the other hand, entitles the workers to complementary compensation because of allowances. At present, every penny counts especially for those who live in developing countries. For example, one of the perks for nighttime jobs, specifically in the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines, is the additional remuneration owing to night differential pay, not to mention other monetary offers that numerous companies give to their employees for working late hours. As a result, the employees have deeper pockets at every payout than those who work at other times of the day.

In my opinion, although some are thrilled to work at night, I highly prefer to do my job by day as it enables me to do anything I want after my shift is over. In addition, I will get to excitedly enjoy the rest of the evening planning the next steps for my future.

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