Complain about speaking examiner arrogant behavior.

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Complain about speaking examiner arrogant behavior.

Post by md.omer » Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:50 pm

This is Omer from BD. I had my speaking test on 3rd March 2015. I am trying to raise complain about the rude attitude of the speaking examiner which has no relation with the actual Test but it impacted my test as candidate.
What happens in speaking test in BD is that after checking the candidate identification than candidate is advised to wait for his turn to approach for the speaking test. This procedure is managed by one assistant. So once my turn approached then the assistant advised me to go to the room. So I directly entered into the room where one lady examiner was sitting. And immediately she got very much angry :evil: on me and started yelling me very rudely about why I didn’t knock the door.
(Here I must admit that it was my mistake not to knock before I entered into the room since I was guided by the assistant and nervous as well)
So I realized it was my mistake :oops: and to overcome the situation I apologized to her and came out of the room to have a fresh start. Then I knocked gently but she shouted said “COME IN” as if she still couldn’t tolerate my mistake I did. Then again I said “Mam I am very sorry and due to nervous I made this mistake” but she was still yelling me by saying “you people should have minimum courtesy to knock the door before enter” :shock: . I realized that she was still very much mad on me. Then the exam started where I was not happy with the starting and her way of looking while discussing was not friendly. It was so scary and unapproachable that I was thinking if I should quit the test or not. Anyway I think I can not do much about the actual speaking test situation since the audio can not capture her attitude towards me.

But my point is that even if I made mistake about entering into the room without knocking – this should not be part of the exam and her rude manner till the exam start made me more nervous and total discomfort to attend the test. But I had to.

Beside, her tone was not easy to hear as well as the way she continue the test in each section.
My query to the forum is that – was she in a right position to turn the situation so unfriendly which is not a part of the speaking test at all and made me so nervous and subsequently it affected the test.
If she wanted to teach me courtesy than she could yell million time after the test only so it wouldnt impact my test and i would me more thankful to her.

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Re: Complain about speaking examiner arrogant behavior.

Post by saqibali » Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:45 am

you may get answers to this post by posting this post to other parts of the forum
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Re: Complain about speaking examiner arrogant behavior.

Post by IndianHarry » Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:13 pm

saqibali wrote:you may get answers to this post by posting this post to other parts of the forum
That is so unfortunate, and more importantly, highly inappropriate. Was it IDP?
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Re: Complain about speaking examiner arrogant behavior.

Post by parker » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:23 pm

Omar Bro exactly same occurrence happened with me as well.
What was your overall score?

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Re: Complain about speaking examiner arrogant behavior.

Post by David.IELTS.Examiner » Mon Dec 05, 2016 7:33 am


You can certainly ask for your score to be checked and/or make a complaint. However, you should make a complaint on the day of the test.

You made a mistake by entering the room without knocking - the examiner may have had sensitive material out, e.g. the scores for the previous candidates.

My personal experience is that candidates are not trying to cheat (as some examiners believe) and nor are they trying to be rude (although they do give this appearance). In Vietnam, candidates (male and female) will actually try to walk through the examiner (yes, you read that correctly!). Numerous times, I have just stood still and the candidate has literally walked into me!

It's annoying, but I try to remember that this says more about them than it does about me. Perhaps that's part of the lesson here.

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