Please evaluate my speaking part 1 and 2

Post an MP3 of your speaking and/or critique the speaking of other students.
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Please evaluate my speaking part 1 and 2

Post by plin0627 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 1:50 am

Hi David, Please assist to evaluate my speaking.. possible to achieve band 8? If not, could you please tell me what else i can do to achieve band 8? Thanks Much!!
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Re: Please evaluate my speaking part 1 and 2

Post by FastTrackIELTS » Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:32 pm

Hey there,

Good job on this test. Overall very impressed but there a few small changes which could make your English speaking much better.


- Good description of relaxing music.

- TIP: Try to speak about the other genres of music you enjoy. You mentioned two types of music you like and why which is what the examiner asked for so good. :D

- Our favourites are definitely different between us - should be said 'Our favourites are definitely different'

- the smaller group would be better for me - 'I would feel more comfortable in a smaller group of people.'

- Easy going, funny, adventurous, smart, nerdy - more descriptions would be good.

- I don't like people who have a 'big ego' larger than normal :)

- Inconsiderate very good word to describe a person.

- 'It depends on what type of people for instance' should be said it depends on the type of people who _____'

- Very good on office purposes and information highway 'or the internet is fine too' to search for 'information on their studies' is okay.

- POSTIVE: Well done on answering shopping online question. You explained what Malaysia's shopping environment is like to the examiner quite eloquently.


- She also has a daughter who is nine years old now

- I don't really got the chance should be I don't really have the chance

- The only chance I would get to meet her - not 'meet her up'

- spend my time with her - could also be better said 'spend some time together'

- POSITIVE: Very good progressive description of your family including your sister. Well done!

We hope this feedback helps you to pass your test. Is there any other areas you are struggling with?

You have a lot of English speaking confidence which is good!

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Re: Please evaluate my speaking part 1 and 2

Post by saqibali » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:10 am

You try to speak very fast which is affecting your pronunciation.
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