Please check my speaking (Praoparn1) Thank you very much

Post an MP3 of your speaking and/or critique the speaking of other students.
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Please check my speaking (Praoparn1) Thank you very much

Post by Praoparn » Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:45 am

Part1 Test 1 Food and cooking
-What sorts of food do you like eating most?
-Who normally does the cooking in your home?
-Do you watch cookery programmes on TV?
-In general, do you prefer eating out or eating at home?

Part2 Test 1
Describe a house/apartment that someone you know lives in.
-whose house/apartment this is
-where the house/apartment is
-What it looks like inside
and explain what you like or dislike about this person's house/apartment

Part3.1 Test1
-What kinds of home are most popular in your country?
-What do you think are the advantages of living in a house rather than an apartment?
-Do you think that everyone would like to live in a larger home? Why is that?

Thank you very much:)
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Re: Please check my speaking (Praoparn1) Thank you very much

Post by David.IELTS.Examiner » Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:58 am


Fluency - Good speed with few pauses.
Coherence - Good, correct use of a range of connectives.
Vocabulary - Very good range used very carefully and accurately. I love the use of adverbs!
Grammar - Good range and accuracy. I suggest trying to use a wider range of complex structures.
Pronunciation - Very clear with good intonation and even some stress!

Overall, this is a very good performance! Well done!

All the best,

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