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IELTS Language Lab Podcast

Post by ptravis » Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:27 pm

Hi Ryan and IELTS Network visitors

I was going to post this earlier but then wondered whether the thread was for your own rather than ANY IELTS podcasts. But having just listened to your latest show - (congratulations on your new arrival!) - I now see it's aimed at collating various podcasts on the subject of IELTS. So ....

... I've been publishing the IELTS Language Lab podcast on the IELTS Speaking website for a few months now. Each episode features a recording of a student attempting one of our Part 2-style practice tests and feedback from myself. Here's an example of the latest one: ... b-test-12/

Thanks for the opportunity to let people know about them, and I hope they prove useful.

Peter Travis
Peter Travis
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Re: IELTS Language Lab Podcast

Post by Ryan » Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:26 am

Hi Peter, thanks very much for sharing. That latest episode is definitely in keeping with everything else at your site - very actionable! I'm going to share it here using the forum audio player and encourage listeners to go to the episode page for the PDF transcript and your Practice Test 12 page to try the exercise for themselves:

(Click here to download as MP3.)
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