My conversation with David, a band 8.5 success story

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My conversation with David, a band 8.5 success story

Post by Ryan » Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:37 am

It was a true privilege to talk to David about his success. He's an articulate guy and had a few new study strategies I had never heard of (i.e. recording yourself using Whatsapp - brilliant!)

Tune in to the entire conversation here:

phpBB [video]

Audio version:

(Click here to download as an MP3.)

If you're a band 7+ candidate and you'd like to share your experience with me on the show, please get in contact. There's no need to be shy! I edit out all of the clumsy mistakes (most of them mine), so you'll come across sounding like a professional. 8-) The IELTS community needs your innovative tips!
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