Help me please to enlighten my dim road

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Help me please to enlighten my dim road

Postby Shokir » Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:36 pm

Hello dear examiners!
Today, I am going to ask you how to fit ielts writing requirements. Despite the fact that I know almost all their assessing criteria, according to your comments to my samples, they are not quite fit for them. Of course, you might have been asked several times about that but in my case, I think this is a little bit different. The difference is that as I reckon in writing T2 your essay should demonstrate two main arguments (I call them zest of the essay) that are blanketed with other sentences. My problem is that I cannot determine them or interpret them improperly. The worst is that I didn’t think that I might make grammar mistakes before posting your site. But indeed seems like I should look through again my grammar book, shouldn’t i? So taking into account all this mass what you really recommend me to do? Which book should I buy? What should I do to receive a comment “good job, keep going” from you David?
The Second paragraph of my question is dedicated to Flick (grammar checker). Which book should I read to become so accurate that you don’t blur my essay with red and blue (like  reword to…..)
I cannot thank you enough for your comments and responses to my questions.

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