Community guidelines (please read before posting)

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Community guidelines (please read before posting)

Post by Ryan » Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:18 am

The IELTS Network is an online community of people with interest in the International English Language Testing System. These forums have been created primarily to empower the IELTS candidate. Through the sharing of knowledge, experience and resources, The IELTS Network strives to provide the international online IELTS community with the tools a candidate needs to succeed and a centralised home base in which to interact.

Please be aware of the following rules:

1. Preservation of the integrity of the IELTS must be exercised in everything you post to this site. For example, you may type out a question you saw on your exam, but you may not post a photo you secretly took inside the exam room. Asking the examiner users on this site to operate outside their professional agreement with the IELTS is strictly forbidden.

2. The IELTS Network does not condone the sharing of copyrighted material. Users caught posting, sharing, linking to or otherwise distributing copyrighted material will have their IP addresses permanently banned from this site. If deemed necessary, legal action will be taken.

3. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way or exposing the private information of any individual, whether an IELTS Network user or not, will not be tolerated and will lead to the permanent banning of your IP.

4. Please do not police the forum yourself. Direct any problem you have to me.

5. Images of graphic violence, pornography or other adult material are strictly forbidden.

6. In an effort to keep the content of The IELTS Network organised, users should post in the appropriate forum. Suggestions for new forums can be submitted to me.

7. You may add a signature to your account, so long as that signature does not infringe upon any of the rules in this list. Signatures may contain links and/or small images. Promoting a product or service is fine.

8. Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance. If you want to post about your IELTS school or IELTS service, you may do so only in the Business Board section or in the signature area of your posts. To help keep the site trim, users with signature advertisements should strive to maintain an average post length longer than the text appearing in their signature.

9. Everything posted to this site is considered Copyright The IELTS Network. Acting on behalf of The IELTS Network users, this website does not permit the selling or republishing of anything created on this site. You may not quote anything posted to this site without the approval of a moderator.

Let's work together to create a happy, helpful and healthful online community!
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