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Academic-Pearson test of English

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:53 am
by Cassie
I realise that the questions and answers cannot be discussed for PTE, but has anyone else sat this test and ielts? Any thoughts, opinions and feedback.

I have written this computer based test and found it much easier than ielts -it was shorter at about 2.5 hours including speaking. Sadly I missed 2 questions as someone scraped a chair and I did not recover in time and missed another question.

One good thing about the test is that there are no handwriting issues - everthing is typed or spoken. Also each person does a different test, so no point discussing the questions. The writing task seems shorter than ielts. But the very best thing is I had my results the next day - so no waiting around for 13 days :D

Would love to read your comments or take the poll.

Re: Academic-Pearson test of English

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:34 pm
by vishwa
Hello Cassie,

I do agree with you but speaking seems a little bit difficult for me because of my L1 interference. writing was the combination of several questions, hence it is easier to score in PTE than in IELTS.

I suppose people who are struggling in only writing part with sound speaking skills can easily score a very score in PTE.


Re: Academic-Pearson test of English

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:41 pm
by 20kris05
Yes, but I don't think it is accepted for everyone's endeavors like Ielts is...I mean some professions wouldn't accept Pearson test instead of Ielts...that's the sad part

Re: Academic-Pearson test of English

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:37 pm
by vishwa
yeah you are right, most of the universities of Canada are not accepting PTE score.