Anyone from Ukraine?

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Anyone from Ukraine?

Post by tolya_v » Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:09 pm

Hi there

I realize that this topic might seem strange (particularly in light of the picture of Ukraine that the media all around the globe are painting...) but I always had some hankering to put my roots down somewhere in East Europe.
Now, having a few years worth of experience teaching ESL in various corners of the world, I finally thought I'd give it a try. My teaching contract in Montenegro is about to end and right now I'm free to go anywhere. Currently I'm in my home country of Poland but it seems like I'm just a bit fed up with it :)

Now. A few questions to those who have at least some experience. I'm looking at Odesa or Kyiv as places to move to.

1. Any reputable language schools in Ukraine? I came across one franchise - In Poland they tend to receive good reviews but I'm wondering about other countries. Any comments on that?
2. Is there any market for non-native ESL/IELTS mentoring in Ukraine? What are the actual fees?
3. How about work permits? I guess it depends on the company (some do all the paperwork for you, some not) but is there anything that I have to know in advance?

I think that's about it. Looking forward to your advice!

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