Please help with immigration question

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Re: Please help with immigration question

Post by Ravian » Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:34 am

Hello Lilia

I am also applying under Federal Skilled Worker programe and my category is Manufacturing Managers.
The immigration process is already open and you can lodge your application now.

If still anything not clear, please ask me.

Thank you
Rashid Ali

Re: Please help with immigration question



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Re: Please help with immigration question

Post by gautamk » Fri May 15, 2015 12:00 pm

i have some doubts ...plz help

karamdeep mann
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Re: Please help with immigration question

Post by karamdeep mann » Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:44 am

For those who are giving Ielts again and again for Canadian express entry.this information is general and is for your own benefits please read.

Dear all

Don't take and be practical express entry is not easy as its seems.
We are having only experience and qualification along with other components like age, Ielts score etc etc,what I believe overall score we all get along spouse is between 370-380 .this I'm taking at higher side otherwise it always between 300-350 point.which is very very low comparatively to pool score which is around 460 points.

This is very difficult game because they give first preference to PNP then Job offer candidates then Canadian class and then federal.
If they think any shortage then that shortage cove from federal and here also cream get selected.

Simple don't depend it on that u will get 100% PR under express entry this is only rejection criateria not selection criteria

Even I seen various people taking Ielts again and again to get 6 band in EACH part which is quite different to get because many are failed in one or other part.some reading,other time speaking. And so on.

This is all game nothing else pls find alternative ways and don't wast time and money .

Express entry is tough its not simple however it look simple but its not believe me.

I don't think pool score come down to 300-380,they have plenty of candidate's who having 400—1200 above points.


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